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Free Hourly Hunt

A new design every hour on the hour

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To download the free hourly hunt, you must find the set it belongs to.

If you are a VIP member you can go directly to the hunt.

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Every hour a random design is choosen. After the first hour it will appear first in the list below. Every hour after that the cost of the design goes down. After 12 hours, the design disappears from below.

Download for 100 points

? from the set ?
This hours free hunt

Download for 95 points

ithmugrughearts_8x10 from the set
In The Hoop Mug Rugs

Download for 90 points

pumpkinface_010 from the set
Pumpkin Face

Download for 85 points

fsldoorhgnr_clock from the set
FSL Door Hangers

Download for 80 points

harvestbowl_001 from the set
Harvest Bowl

Download for 75 points

pumpkinpiespice_003 from the set
Pumpkin Pie Spice

Download for 70 points

workingflamingosrw_010_5x7 from the set
Working Flamingos Redwork

Download for 65 points

babyplay_005_4x4 from the set
Baby Playtime

Download for 60 points

blueworkteasetfairies_002 from the set
Bluework Teaset Fairies

Download for 55 points

rwangelblocks_07_4x4 from the set
Redwork Angel Blocks

Download for 50 points

fslphotoplaq_lgoctoframe from the set
FSL Photo Plaques

Download for 45 points

dddumpling_002_5x7 from the set
Diddle Diddle Dumpling

Download for 40 points

appbacktoschool_011 from the set
Applique Back to School

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